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Enter Sudoku Puzzles in Sudoku Instructions program

Using the Sudoku Instructions Program you can easily enter Sudoku puzzles from newspapers, magazines and books with a built-in testing for errors.

Here is a sudoku puzzle from a newspaper:

sudoku puzzle from newspaper to be entered into sudoku instructions program

To enter this sudoku into the enter sudoku puzzle menu item in sudoku instructions programSudoku Instructions Program you click the menu item “File” and then “Enter Sudoku Puzzle”:

Then this window will appear:

enter sudoku puzzle window in sudoku instructions program

Here you just enter the digits in the right squares using the keyboard.

sudoku puzzle from newspaper fully entered into sudoku instructions program

In this picture the sudoku puzzle has been entered completely:

When you click Finished, the puzzle will be transferred to the playing board, see next picture.

Now you are ready to play!entered sudoku puzzle now on sudoku board of sudoku instructions program

Good luck!

Before you play, you may want to save the sudoku puzzle onto your computer. You can do that by clicking menu item “File” and then “Save Sudoku Puzzle To File”.

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