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Sudoku Hints

The Sudoku Instructions Program can give you hints, tips and tricks during solving of any sudoku puzzle. Thereby it can help improve your sudoku skills.

Consider this sudoku puzzle:

easy sudoku puzzle made by sudoku instructions program

If you cannot find a square in which there can be just one single digit - ‘a single candidate’, then you can ask the program for a hint or tip.

hint menu in sudoku instructions programYou just click menu item ‘Hint’. Then you will have two choices: ‘Hint 1’ and ‘Hint 2’.

Sudoku hint 1

If you click ‘Hint 1’ you will get this message:

hint 1 in sudoku instructions programThis may sometimes be enough information to find the single candidate in column c.

Sudoku hint 2

However, if you need more help just click ‘Hint 2’. Then you will get this message:

hint 2 in sudoku instructions programNow that you know in which square the single candidate is located, you may figure out which digit should be in that square.

Find single candidate

If you cannot find a single candidate, you may get the necessary help by asking the program using menu item ‘Solve’ and ‘Find Single Candidate’ as shown here:

find single candidate menu in sudoku instructions program

If you do that, you will get this message:

find single candidate message in sudoku instructions program

Here you get the information you need. Now you will also be able to see why digit 2 must be in square C4.

(In column C digit 2 cannot be inside box J or box P, where there already is a 2. In row 6 there is also a 2. Therefore in column C digit 2 can only be in square C4.)

So you place 2 in that square:

single candidate digit 2 placed in square c4 in sudoku instructions program

If you proceed in the same way, you will arrive at this final solution of the sudoku puzzle:

completely solved sudoku puzzle in sudoku instructions program

For more features that can facilitate solving of sudokus see here.

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